Lighting  tech

Camera Op

Contact:             07954 488 274          Jamie@filmfreelancer.uk        92 White post lane, Hackney Wick, LONDON, E9 5EN

I’m an experienced Camera operator and Lighting technician working in the  film and photography industry in London.

I enjoy working on a wide variety of projects including celebrity interviews, adverts, fashion shoots, short form promos and behind the scenes .I’m a flexible team player with a knack for problem solving and a good solid skill set. Below is a selection of projects that I’ve been involved in and then a break down of my skills and experience.

Star Wars


Filmed for Disney at pinewood studios.

I had the pleasure of working as a lighting tech in the production of this short promotional film to announce the new replica props, now available to fans.

Latest work

I’ve been working full time as a freelancer in London’s film and photo industry since 2012, as a lighting gaffer, camera operator and post production technician. Previous to that I worked as a stills photographer in Sheffield for over 5 years  shooting mainly portraits, products and events. Below is a break down of my skill sets and experience in each area.

Skills & Experience


I currently shoot on a Sony A7s ii with canon lenses. This provides me with exceptional low light capabilities and stunning 4K footage.

My camera experience started with a battered old Pentax 35mm and then a Mamiya C330 medium format camera, before eventually moving to digital. Canon DSLRs where my go to camera for many years, for stills and then eventually video. As I have explored video further I have begun to use the C100 & 300 series, the black magic cameras and now the Sony A7s ii.


I have many years experience as a lighting technician both creatively and technically. I’m familiar with all the major equipment brands and I have a very good working knowledge of all the main rental companies in London.


Post production

Premiere ………….. 8/10

Photoshop ………….9/10

Lightroom  ………. 7/10

After effects  ……. 4/10

My post production experience started in the dark room, working as a traditional hand printer in a pro lab. From there I moved into Photoshop retouch and correction, and lightroom.

 I also have around 4 years experience using Premiere and more recently started to learn after effects.

Iam proficient on both Mac and PC


Cine & Pocket

7D, 6D, 5D, C100 & C300

A7s ii

Capture one ..…….7/10